One night a group of puppeteers were getting together to start work on a new collection of shows.  As per normal, they spent the first few minutes of the meeting catching up, with one of the puppeteers, Penny, lamented about the fact that a great marionette master would be in town doing a show, and the only way she found out about it was by driving past the venue.  This got the group thinking: could we create a form for puppeteers and companies to post information so that the community could know what was coming and what to see?  Within minutes, Liz and Carol pulled out their computers, set up social media sites and a website.  By the end of the meeting, the three had created a space that they were willing to curate for the DMV puppetry community at large. And so……

Welcome to DC Puppets, an online forum for the puppetry community to share resources, learn about performances, and post projects that are currently under construction.

Have a show or performance coming up or know about a show happening in town that has an element of puppetry in it?  Let us know!  Send us an email through our contact page or email us at infodcpuppets@gmail.com