Last weekend to see Pointless Theatre’s .d0t

Enter the System, a futuristic yet familiar landscape where automated inhabitants are kept in line by the Pulse, a rhythmic energy conducted by NAVI – the last human. When one of these robots, d0t, is corrupted during a routine upgrade, it breaks free from the Pulse, and begins to spread the glitch through the System. Will NAVI be able to stop d0t in time?

Pointless is excited to take its unique brand of theatrical spectacle somewhere new: the distant future. .d0t :: a Rotoplastic Ballet explores a world of tomorrow with the aesthetics of the past.  Drawing inspiration from Fortunato Depero and the Italian Futurists, the show visualizes its environment through large scale, toy puppet theatre with a design team lead by Co-Artistic Directors Matt Reckeweg and Patti Kalil.

.d0t features an original soundtrack produced and performed live by nerdcore hip-hop artist navi and two-time Helen Hayes nominated composer Mike Winch. “Placing sci-fi concept rap within this visually stunning framework creates a thoroughly unique experience – part concert, part puppet show, completely Pointless,” says navi. Rearranging ideas of the past and present to paint a vision of a possible future is what science fiction has done since the beginning. It is this tradition which inspires .d0t.

WHAT: .d0t:: a Rotoplastic Ballet

WHEN: Previews – April 6, 7, 8, 11
Press Opening Night – April 12
Performances – April 14 – May 6

WHERE: Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint, 916 G Street NW

TICKETS: To purchase tickets and for more information:
The first preview (April 6) is Pay-What-You-Can, with all other preview tickets (April 7, 8, 11) just $15. Tickets for the rest of the run start at $18 for students, seniors, military personnel, teachers, and those on unemployment and $30 for general admission.

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