Pointless Theater’s Hugo Ball: a dada puppet adventure


Photo from Pointless Theatre’s Facebook Page

“So now, turn your attention to the cacophonous conditions on the stage of the Logan Fringe Arts Space, where a cadre of 10 actors is alternately shouting, singing, dancing, fulminating, gesticulating, crying, declaiming and generally creating a discordant stir. This is Dada in action or, as the members of Pointless Theatre Company call it in their enjoyably, boisterously academic performance piece written by David Lloyd Olson: “Hugo Ball, a Dada Puppet Adventure.””

Thanks, Peter Marks and the Washington Post for the great review! “Hugo” returns to Capital Fringe TONIGHT through Sunday for more mayhem and bedlam. See you there! ‪#‎longlivescandal‬


(From Pointless Theatre’s Facebook page)

Be sure to catch this Helen Hayes award winning theatre company before they close Hugo Ball on May 14th.  Shows are Wednesday-Sunday at the Capital Fringe Trinidad Theater space.


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